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About this blog

We live in a beautiful place, in the Rame peninsula, also called Cornwall’s ‘forgotten corner’. Twelve weeks of self isolation at home should have left me with enough time on my hands to write a more frequent blog, celebrating the beauties of the countryside and sharing some photographs. It isn’t working out quite like that, but I may speed up!

Latest from the Blog

Balcony gardening

My excuses over the last couple of years for doing no more gardening than failing to keep a supermarket pot of parsley alive have been of two main varieties. First, “we’re really not here reliably enough…”. Second, “we haven’t really got the space.” Lockdown has sadly seen to the first; we have a rented flatContinue reading “Balcony gardening”


It’s a pity that when one says rhododendrons most people immediately think of that acid shade of magenta that is by far the commonest colour found on rhododendrons in woods and even gardens. However, a short stroll around the Mount Edgcumbe gardens will show that they can be found in many shades of red andContinue reading “Rhododendrons”

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