This will be an occasional blog, mainly about how we are spending time during the lockdown. We are extremely fortunate because we live on the edge of the Mount Edgcumbe estate in south east Cornwall with hundreds of acres to walk in. We rarely see any-one and when we do, it’s easy to stay well over two metres apart. Every day for the last fortnight we have been for a walk either to Mt Edgcumbe or towards Maker church and Maker Heights. We’ve explored disused fortifications and are very much enjoying the signs of spring to be found and heard everywhere.

Mount Edgcumbe has the national camellia collection, and this is the best time of year to go and see it. Unlike other years, we had it to ourselves the other day. Normally it’s crowded, because people can come across from Plymouth on the Cremyll ferry. But this, like so much else, is closed for the time being. My favourite of them all was Lady Vere de Vere, pictured here.

Lady Vere de Vere, pink and white

Luckily she doesn’t appear vulnerable to flower blight which seems to have damaged many of the paler varieties. At a distance some of these look a rather appealing apricot colour, but they are unfortunately simply discoloured and brownish. Just a few more close-ups to follow:

This is my first attempt at a blog and the first time I’ve downloaded pictures from my phone. I hope to do further posts on our walks and my attempts at balcony gardening, which will, if successful, provide me with probably the most expensive vegetables I’ve ever eaten!

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