Balcony gardening – what I have learnt

When I last wrote about my balcony gardening, I promised an update. Here it is, a little late. The inaugural Fort Picklecombe potato growing competition was judged on Sunday – two neutral judges, several different classes, and a very precise weighing machine. These were ours: They weighed about 620 g, and we came second! LogicallyContinue reading “Balcony gardening – what I have learnt”

Follies and Fountains

The Mount Edgcumbe gardens have several follies and former fountains. To start with the biggest folly of all – the house. In spring 1941 Plymouth suffered several days of bombing and the destruction was widespread. On 22 March, incendiary bombs set the building on fire. I’ve heard that the house was lit up to saveContinue reading “Follies and Fountains”